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IBM - 2100K

    Protect A/Q

    Excellent additives for the performance
    improvement of vehicle
    • Save the fuel expenses from 10 to 25%
    • Engine oil exchange cycle (more than 30,000~40,000Km)
    • Mission oil exchange cycle (more than 100,000Km)
    • Sign to the liability insurance with the compensation of 300 million Won (AXA Insurance)
    • Strengthen the power! Improve the gas mileage! Reduce the noise! Save the fuel expenses!

Protect Oil Additives

The oil is the mixed product of base oils and various functional additives, but these additives have the limit to the addition ratio so it is hard to expect the dramatic improvement of function by additives.
Therefore, to improve the special effects and functions just for myself, select and inject the extra additive well.
Protect A & Q are the first and only additives in the world, made by the mixture of high extreme pressure anion, to solve the problems for the improvement of effects and functions in vehicles.

The Functions of Protect Oil Additives

IBM - 2100K

Protect from abrasion and friction, Disintegrate the Purity, Protect from oxidation and corrosion, Stabilize the flow point, Prevent from foam, Improve the viscosity index, Maintain the corrected oil pressure, Mix the high extreme pressure anion
It can be easily divided with cooling, cleaning, lubrication, durability and shock absorption. Due to the result of these functions, it can strengthen the power, reduce the noise, save the fuel expenses and reduce the smoke.

The measurement result of oil mileage for vehicles more than 2000cc

The Application of Protect Oil Additives

Gasoline, Diesel oil, Kerosene, LPG, Automobile, RV Vehicle, SUV, Van, Truck, Bus, Excavator, Agricultural machine, Ship, Boat, Airplane, etc.

Synergy Effect

It is called the synergy effect if various effects came from one function. For example, 1 plus 1 must be 2, but it can be called the synergy effect when the result is more than 2.

Protect A is the engine oil additive and Protect Q is the mission oil additive. Each has the excellent effects and functions as an additive but it shows the incredible improvement of function if these two are added together.

So you can experience the incredibly better oil mileage, the stronger power and the decrease of noise and smoke.

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